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Mission Statement


The mission of Mending Ministries is to encourage fathers to intentionally invest in the relationship with their children by providing them an experience and activity that they can do for a lifetime. We do this through teaching fathers and children how to fly fish.


  1. Encourage fathers to intentionally engage with their children

  2. Encourage fathers and their children to preach the Gospel to themselves daily by providing Gospel-centered resources

  3. Teach fathers and children how to fly fish

  4. Create memories and provide fathers and their children an activity to enjoy for a lifetime



We would love to take you and your children out fly fishing. All trips are free thanks to generous donors!


Spend time with your children learning about family discipleship and fly-fishing basics.

You will learn how to cast, set the hook, and land the fish.


*Father-Child Fishing Trips= We will teach you the basics and put you on fish. All you have to do is bring your camera and enjoy time with your child.


*Group Outings= We will teach the basics. We also provide a meal to enjoy around the fire as we do a short devotional time. 


*Fly Fishing Clinics (to review casting, learn how to tie knots, and other advanced skills). Once you go on a trip with us and do a clinic, your child will receive his or her own beginner fly rod. 


*We also take out groups of young men that do not have engaged fathers in partnership with Youth for Christ

*All participants will receive:

-New City Catechism and/or Bible


-Mending Ministries Handbook

- *Fly Rod after attending fishing outing and clinic*

Our Story

My dad and I started Mending Ministries in officially in 2022. Fishing has always been a part of our family since I was a little kid. I have so many memories of my parents and grandparents fishing as a youngster. When I was in high school my dad and I bought a clearance fly rod when MC Sports went out of business. We started messing around at the local pond and learned through trial and error. That $30 rod has turned into almost two decades of fly fishing fun. 

I have always had a passion to serve and lead boys and be a positive role model for them. I have been blessed with an invested father and many other men who have been spiritual fathers in my life. As a public school teacher, I have seen first hand the impact that fathers have when they are shepherding their children well and the pain for the kids when fathers don't lead well. My wife and I fostered a young boy a few years ago and this really opened our eyes to the pain of fatherlessness. I realized that we needed to provide fathers a fun way to intentionally spend time with their sons. We have also partnered with Youth for Christ to provide opportunities for fatherless youth to see what true masculinity looks like. We are truly about Mending relationships. In fly fishing, mending means to adjust the line to slow the drift down. As men, we need to intentionally slow down, invesn and shepherd the young men around us and mend broken relationships.

Meet The Team

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