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Fun Adventures with Special People

I am a little behind on posting pictures but we had some special trips this spring. First, we took the King's and Khaemba's out to Four Lakes. This was a special trip because I had all 4 boys in class. The King's are moving so it was extra special way to say good bye. We will definitely be visiting to trout fish in California!

Edjuan has a special place in our heart. I took him out in partnership with Youth for Christ last year and have had the honor of getting to know him and take him out multiple times since. The best part is watching him get baptized and seeing his faith grow. He started boot camp this week for the Army so please be praying for him.

I had a chance to take out the Loy's Saturday. Nolan and Ethan were in my 1st grade class and my boys admire them so much. Big bluegill fun and monster bass attacking them as we reeled them in. Didn't land the bass but still fun!

Finally, some fun with my own family. Just the boys and Kelly. I love the pure joy!

If you want to take your son out please let me know!


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