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Honor Your Father or Father Figure

If your looking for a way to honor your father, or father figure, please consider donating to Mending Ministries. The mission of Mending Ministries to encourage fathers to intentionally invest in the lives of their sons.

Every son that participates receives a Bible, and/or a New City Catechism, a fly rod combo, and a t-shirt. 100% of donations goes to purchase gear, equipment, and other expenses.

Please consider donating today to help further the Gospel and help encourage fathers to slow down and intentionally be the Spiritual leaders that God calls us to be.

For those that donate by June 26th will be entered into a drawing for a Mending Ministries hat or t-shirt.

*Mending Ministries is a 5013-c non-profit and all donors will receive confirmation of donation for tax purposes.

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